Vision & Mission

Mission of CCAY

Mission of the Canadian College of Ayurveda & Yoga is:

  • To provide excellent professional training to our students with the most comprehensive curriculum of Ayurveda through creative balance of academic, professional, and extracurricular programs and strong leadership.
  • To prepare our graduates so that they succeed in spreading the evidence-based knowledge of Ayurvedic natural medicines and healing techniques and subsequently become qualified and successful primary health care providers.
  • To foster and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with our alumni, friends, industry, and local, state, and federal governments through public services assistance and collaborative research.

Vision of CCAY

  • As a leading voice in Ayurveda education in North America, CCAY envisions to make traditional knowledge of Ayurveda available for everybody in Canada through getting Ayurveda practice regulated in various provinces of Canada.
  • Attaining national and international recognition among peer institutions for excellence in both research and teaching.
  • Assembling a dynamic body of faculty who exemplify excellence and innovation in the pursuit and delivery of knowledge that will perpetuate the highest standards of Ayurveda education for future generations.
  • Investing strategically in the college’s most important resources – students, faculty, and programs – through the vigorous acquisition of private gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Partnering with academic, industrial, and government entities that share and enhance the mission of the Canadian College of Ayurveda & Yoga, so that our educational and collaborative efforts result in the maximum, positive, economic impact locally, regionally, nationally, and globally

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