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About CCAY College

Pioneers in the field: CCAY is the first organised institute in Canada to teach ‘Authentic’ Ayurveda to students from one of the best faculties.

Success: Because of the clarity, focus and excellence of our educational process, CCAY’s graduates will be regarded as the most successful ayurvedic practitioners in Canada.

Excellence in Teaching Staff: Teachers at CCAY are hand-picked for their knowledge, their ability to communicate clearly, and their ability to teach in an organized manner. All teachers also go through special “teacher training” to assure competency in the classroom. Each teacher has also developed important insights into the knowledge and brings these insights into the learning experience of the student. Perhaps most importantly, our faculty is living the principles of Ayurveda every day.

Hybrid course: The program at CCAY is designed to ensure flexibility and ease of learning for busy individuals.  The Training formats offered are a blend of on-campus In-class, webinar workshops, and off-campus live-streaming online sessions. Weekend batches are available to allow students to continue with their part time work as well.

Opportunity to be self-employed: Upon completion of this course, students will also be able to establish their own practice and sound knowledge gained through this course will enable them to do wonders in healing patients naturally and make a difference in their life.

Traditional, “Authentic” Ayurvedic Education: CCAY is committed to helping students understand the complete science of Ayurveda and process of natural healing as it was articulated thousands of years ago by the ancient teachers. The curriculum at CCAY helps to bring this ancient wisdom to you in a modern and easily understandable format.­­­

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